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Basic Infrastructure with AWS

01 Oct 2018 »

Infrastructure is often the backbone most people forget to think about when looking at services, but as a service provider it’s our job to think about the infrastructure and the architecture.


AWS provides the ultimate ecosystem for any kind of IT service your company needs. AWS offers everything from Infrastructure as a Service all the way to Software as a service.

It’s very easy to get lost within their offerings. We specifically use their EC2 Service for computing and their S3 Service for storage. We also use some of their devops tools like their Code Pipelines and Code Deploy features. They offer hundreds of services and it really depends on organizational tools.

Configuring Keys

AWS’s EC2 service uses public and private keys for ssh’ing into machines and generating keys is a very simple and secure way to manage these machines. They also offer development keys for deploying and using some of AWS’s tools from the AWS command line.

It’s important to know where you put the private keys though as they can be easily misplaced.


There’s no simple way to write a blog post on AWS. There was nothing technical about this post, but highlights some of my favorite tools within AWS and using some keys.

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