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Adventures with Ableton Live

10 Jan 2020 » ableton, DAW, music

I don’t condone stolen music, but DAW software on the other hand…

Torrented Ableton Suite Live 10

This is a litte funky.. Long story short I needed the torrented file to run in Windows to generate a key for an offline copy of Ableton. I couldn’t get the app to run in Catalina. Security, Art thou a wonderfule bitch.

This was a little weird. I ended up using my windows boot originally, but the second go around I ended up having to use Wine in a Linux Server to run the Keygen application.

From the Macbook Pro (workstation)

From my Macbook Pro, I had to turn on my XPS machine and update the wine application.

  • ssh -X xps After updating wine I rsync’d the .exe file across the local network to my “server.”
  • rsync -avrx? jack@xps:/home/jack/Documents/Ableton ./AbletonCrackFolder Once the .exe application was on my server, I ran it with wine in an X11 session from my Macbook..
  • wine Ableton_KeyGen.exe

And Viola, the application ran in wine and generated an offline hardware key for me to use in Ableton Suite 10.

Ableton Suite 10

Unfortunately I have to keep reinstalling the cracked version of Ableton Live 10 because it keeps updating itself from Mac because its a valid version of Ableton. This will be annoying until I decide to buy the software. Until then I dont see the need to spend $749 on DAW software.

I didn’t look at the internals of this application at all, but it managed to update itself from my Mac so I decided I needed to add firewall blocks to prevent it from updating itself when on the network.

Essentially I went to Apple Support and this guided me through blocking Ableton from getting out. All I had to do was change some privacy settings and I was back at it.. Mixing and creating.

Back to a recent post..

Touching on another topic, My XPS server changed DHCP addresses from the router and I was a little peeved I had to change my SSH config. I really need to implement the wireguard VPN and just set the middle IP layer (if that makes sense) to something on or something.. It really just needs an IP on a private network where it can be reached.

Disabling Ableton Automatic Updates

You will probably need to disable the automatic updates.

File > Preferences > License Maintenance > Get Automatic Updates: OFF

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