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Migrating to jmoore53.com

01 Aug 2020 » change, personal config, custom domain

It’s been due for sometime now. I needed to update my site from devops.itsltns.io to jmoore53.com

With this change means an update in DNS records at Netlify, a somewhat overhaul on the site pages, and also an update in ssl certs.

The change didn’t take too long to fix. I had to change some images; point DNS to the correct locations and also configure the git repo.

Git Repo

Moved the repo.. No impact except git set-url git@gitlab.com/jmoore53/jmoore53.com.git and then git push origin master


Pointed the app to the new Git Repo


Pointed Some DNS records to Netlify servers.

SSL Certs

Taken Care of via Netlify!

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