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2x WAN

31 Mar 2022 » networking, firewall, proxmox, virtualization

I ended up having 2 firewalls, and made an attempt for carp on the WAN, but ended up deciding against it due to the complexity and confusion.

Right now I didn’t see a need for a dual wan connection;

Next/TODO Automations

  • DNS Updates
    • Route53 Auto Updates
    • Cron Update Job every 15 minutes
  • ACME Updates Automatically
  • HAPROXY Configuration

Below is a nice example of using api access with the Opnsense API (note the api keys have been rotated and the ip’s have been updated :) )

# Get ip of public ip
curl -k -u "5uOzmvBMiYCrYmXBYxuKo/qG9CwyuecD2DgRshSZt9htpPutdsvAdpioMysKSswTn1jsXBVCFJlBRWGx":"wo3kqmqjPvcN4dkgyvzYuP1h81Fn1VwFx6VIHZqusHCmjp65jBo9slkIYFa6vMPD0VayFZMy8aDScSh0" | jq .'vtnet0.ipv4[0].ipaddr'

# Get Interface Names
curl -k -u "5uOzmvBMiYCrYmXBYxuKo/qG9CwyuecD2DgRshSZt9htpPutdsvAdpioMysKSswTn1jsXBVCFJlBRWGx":"wo3kqmqjPvcN4dkgyvzYuP1h81Fn1VwFx6VIHZqusHCmjp65jBo9slkIYFa6vMPD0VayFZMy8aDScSh0" | jq
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