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Rails Credentials

24 Aug 2019 » rails, credentials

Rails credentials are a little different in how they work and I ran into a few issues with them while trying to secure my application and remove all the secret keys from my application.

Github - Multi Environment Credentials with Rails 6.0 Blog - Multi Environment Credentials

Common commands with Rails credentials:

rails credentials:edit --environment staging

bin/rails encrypted:edit config/your-enctyped-file.yml.enc --key config/your-master.key

I would highly reccommend upgrading to rails 6 for the multi environment credentials!

Editing Config/Secrets within Respective Environments

# Edit the development credentials in config/credentials/development.yml.enc
EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit --environment development

# Edit the production credentials in config/credentials/production.yml.enc
EDITOR=vim rails credentials:edit --environment production

This last command will create a master key with the production keys. Note the vs code editor does not work so I use VIM.

Note with multi-environment credentials, the RAILS_ENV must be specified for building and running webserver and other necessary commands.

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