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Adding SSH Keys to a Server

03 Jan 2022 » system configuration, configuration

SSH Keys are a necessity for connecting to servers. Connecting via passwords is outdated and to some, even insecure.

To add keys to a server with password authentication:

# From your local machine to the remote one on port 22
# This will prompt for a password for authentication
ssh-copy-id user@server.example.com

Well what about for those who don’t have password authentication enabled. Take me for example: for me I connect via one server via public key infrastructure and would like to connect to the same server (jmoore53.com) with ssh keys. This is where my problem was.

Simple enough though, all I had to do was modify the server’s ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file and append the public key of my second workstation to this file and viola I was able to authenticate from the second workstation to the server.

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