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Broken Rails Skeleton JS

15 Jan 2021 » system configuration, meta, homelab, kubernetes

A rails 6 image with node. Sounds crazy, it isn’t too bad. And when I say not too bad its about 250mb (which is a lot smaller than the 1.1gb image I started with).

Anyway - cicd was starting to break in the gitlab-cicd pipelines I had created so I had to start to manually debug issues, joy. I thought this was supposed to just work.

Either way I put my boots on and got digging.

I don’t know who to point my finger at, but either node is at fault for not pushing the right repos to the alpine repositories or alpine is at fault, no.. alpine isn’t at fault. It’s node’s fault.

Well - I had to just find an image that Node puts out for Alpine 3.11, take their mangled together script of about 50ish lines, and slap it in my rails image. Lucky for me it worked like a charm.

Check it out on gitlab here and also more specifically the image I created here

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