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Double Network Trouble

03 Nov 2020 » system configuration, sysadmin, homelab, networking

I dont really know what changed, but now it works. All I really did was disable a hardware setting and I could connect to the internet from LAN.

Hardware Checksum Offloading

Basically all I did was check the box that said Disable hardware checksum offloading and everything worked.

Nat Mapping

Interface -> LAN External IP -> Natted IP of FW on local network ( Internal IP -> * Destination IP -> * Description -> Nat for LAN

Switch Port Mapping

On Servers:

Port 1 -> ILO1 (vlan10) Port 13 -> ILO2 (vlan10)

Port 3 -> HLPMX1 (vlan10) Port 15 -> HLPMX2 (vlan10)

Port 4 -> HLPMX1 (vlan10) Port 16 -> HLPMX2 (vlan10)

Port 5 -> HLPMX1 (vlan11) Port 17 -> HLPMX2 (vlan11)

Port 6 -> HLPMX1 (vlan9) (pfsense sync) Port 18 -> HLPMX2 (vlan9) (pfsense sync)

Switch VLANS

VLAN9 -> (PFSense Sync) VLAN10 -> (Management Interfaces!) VLAN11 -> (Applications) VLAN12 -> -> VPN Subnet -> Sync VLAN

Changing ILO IP’s from the Server

Open HP-MPC Source

vim /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hp-mpc.list

Add this to the hp-mpc.list file

# HP Management Component Pack
deb http://downloads.linux.hpe.com/SDR/repo/mcp stretch/current non-free 

Curl the Key

curl http://downloads.linux.hpe.com/SDR/hpePublicKey2048_key1.pub | apt-key add -

Run an update

apt update

Installing HPONCFG

apt install hponcfg

And now via /sbin/hponcfg it should be ready.

 <PRIM_DNS_SERVER value = ""/>
 <DNS_NAME value="xxx" />

The HTTPS_PORT and HTTP_PORT were helpful for setting web interfaces.

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