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Chatop Matrix Ruby

25 Jan 2021 » system configuration, sysadmin, chatops

So End-to-End encrypted rooms don’t support bots. If you work for Matrix and you are reading this post, please delete Room !AtIpCQJGXeQjwFDrVw:matrix.org. It is #jmoore53chatops and is no longer in use. I should have tested on my own server, however I need to get my own server setup.


At OurCompose we have to setup quite a few environments and deploy servers from those environments. This requires me logging in to Rundeck and running quite a few commands.. Well, a few commands.

So I wanted a chat bot for this to make the entire process easier for myself. Why am I not doing this through Commandcenter you ask, good question I’d answer. The need for multiple domains has been deprioritized.

Commands I want:

!help <commandname>
!create-environment <domain-name> <services,comma,separated> <vault-password>
!full-deploy <domain-name> <vault-password>
!run-compositional-role <domain-name> <vault-password>
!tear-down <domain-name> <vault-password>

Anyway.. thats the gist of what I’m looking for from this chatbot.

Getting up and Running, Matrix Room

I should have payed more attention to detail on this one. When creating the Matrix room, I enabled encryption. This was a mistake. After reading the finer detail, it states, “Most integrations and bots will not work with encryption enabled.” I learned this after creating the second room, lol.

Weird Errors

I was also getting some weird errors too when trying to join the encrypted room where it would join me to the next available room for my user. Odd, very odd.

Ruby Matrix Client

After overcoming these few errors, I was finally up and running with the example bot.

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