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Kubernetes Needs

15 Feb 2021 » system configuration, sysadmin, chatops

There are a few things I would like out of Kubernetes. The short list is:

  • an easy way to deploy rails containers in production
    • I need a database
    • I need a way to manage secrets/environment variables
    • I need config management for every application
    • I need monitoring
    • I need CI/CD ?/ this one is on the fence and can be solved other ways, but would be nice
  • I’d like an easy way to deploy my own quick applications in a production state
    • Chatops applications
    • Price tracking/monitoring applications
    • Web applications
  • Services
    • I need a way to manage other services I run
  • Administration
    • A way to administer the cluster from my development machine or at least from a jumpbox

Essentially I need a better way to deploy images which is also just another way of saying I need to get better with kubernetes.


Environment Variables/Secrets

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